What To Bring

First Day Of Driver's Ed Class

The first hour of the first day of class is our parent meeting. If the student is under 18 a parent or legal guardian is required to sign the contract that will be filled out at the conclusion of the parent meeting.

You do not need any documents to come to class.


  • Bring your payment if you didn't pay online
    1. Payment is to be made in full at the conclusion of the parent meeting. If you enrolled in one of the 90 Days Same as Cash options you will pay your initial payment at the conclusion of the Parent Meeting.
    2. Students may not schedule Behind-The-Wheel instruction if the appropriate paperwork is not signed by Student (and Parent if under 18) and payment made.
  • Bring $10 cash for lunch (or bring your own)
    1. Let us know if the student has dietary requirements

Behind-The-Wheel Lessons (2 Hour Drives)

The student is required to have a copy of the contract, or a clear picture of it on their phone, to drive legally with our instructors.

  • This is a State Law Concerning Driving Schools
  • Failure for the student to have a copy or photo of their contact to show our instructor at the start of their scheduled drive requires us to collect a $10 Contract Re-Issuance Fee or a $50 late cancellation fee.

Driver's License Test Day 

To Test With Alert Driving School On Test Day You Will Need:

  • Valid OK Permit
  • Driver's Ed Certificate of Completion (if under 16 1/2)
  • For Under 18 Years Of Age, A Parent or Legal Guardian present to sign paperwork at conclusion of successful test OR Affidavit of Driver Training Completely Filled Out, Signed & Notarized 
  • When testing with Alert Driving School, you will be able to go directly to the Tag Agency to receive your Driver's License.
  • The Tag Agency Will Collect $25 To Issue the Driver's License (there is a $4 additional charge for any failed driver's license test attempts).