Our Program

Coaching New Drivers has been designed to help you and your new driver combat the top causes of novice driver collisions as reported by the Centers for Disease Control. Studies show that up to 50% of new drivers will be involved in a collision in their first year due primarily to the following "Danger Zones":

The two courses making up the program have been developed in association with Mike Pehl, a 30 year veteran crash investigator and driving educator to directly address these Danger Zones. His passion for teaching parents and new drivers how to keep them safe through strategies to last a lifetime. Together as a team, we can all reduce the risk of your teen driver becoming another statistic through excellent training, lots of supervised driving and maintaining awareness.

Online Course 1 - Coaching from the Passenger Seat

The first course, Coaching from the Passenger Seat is a pre-license tool which will help parents to overcome the number one danger zone…Driver Inexperience. The only way to decrease the chances of a collision due to this Danger Zone is to give your new driver as much practice as possible in the Instruction Permit stage so they are prepared for any situation, road condition or challenge they encounter when they start driving on their own. This course is a step-by-step guide of how to safely and effectively supervise your teen's "practice sessions". Narrated by veteran crash investigator and driving educator, Mike Pehl, this video series is engaging and informative and can be taken at your own pace based on progress and time put into supervised driving.

Course curriculum includes the following step-by-step videos:

  • The Ground Rules
  • The Safety Checklist
  • First Time in Gear
  • Fine Tune the Basics
  • The First Road Trip
  • Head on the Freeway
  • Master the Country Roads
  • Keep it Moving
  • Parallel Parking and 90 Degree Backup
  • Defensive Driving Mindset
  • License Day
  • Start Early and Never Stop

Online Course 2 - Danger Zone Training

The collision reduction course, Danger Zone Training, is the first of its kind and combines a revolutionary spaced-learning technique with great tips and tricks, real life videos and stories. Your teen will be given access to a new online lesson (6-12 minutes long) every month for six months. Each one of these short videos discusses one or more of the danger zones, why they cause collisions and strategies on how to reduce the risk if your teen finds themselves in one of these situations. The learning technique of watching short "bite-sized" lessons at regular intervals has proven very effective for the retention of information over time. In extensive studies with professional drivers, this training has shown average collision reductions of 35% in high-risk organizations!

Course curriculum includes the following videos:

  • Month 1 - Seatbelts and Airbags
  • Month 2 - Impaired/Distracted Driving
  • Month 3 - Avoiding Common Crashes
  • Month 4 - Drowsy/Night Driving
  • Month 5 - Driving with Other Teens
  • Month 6 - Aggressive Driving

Follow the link to sign up : https://alert.coachingnewdrivers.com